Monday, October 29, 2007

Windows Desktop Search uninstall

In my previous post related to windows Desktop search, i did not recommend to install WDS. But some took the "pleasure" of doing this and from the day they have installed there life has become hell. Believe me they are "REALLY ANGRY" on me for that little post. They should be, because once you install this. its not that easy to get ride of WDS. This was supposed to happen and you know why ;).

OK now let’s get to business.How to uninstall this!! Give a try with ADD/Remove program. These will not goanna help in this exercise, at least for me: it dint work. Luckily found this simple technique, thanks to RCIayH on msdn forum, he suggests that most of the time this problem is caused due to the absence of uninstall directory which should have been created while installing.

If you are unable to find this “C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB917013$’ on your system then the best and simple solution is to copy this folder in any of ther other system where WDS has been properly installed. If you are unable to find these files then you can download this from$NtUninstallKB917013$.rar [thanks Mrashed] extract this in your windows folder and run spuninst.exe and there you have it , you have your old search companion back on ur system :)

Kudos to MS for releasing SUCH s/w and letting us explore there OS :|

Thank’s to RClayH and MRashed

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