Thursday, October 18, 2007

faster symbian

We talk about windows xp vista, Apple MAC os tiger leopard. SUSE, ubuntu,RED hat all these are power full operating systems. But talk about OS for an handheld device like a mobile phone there is only one name that stands out : SYMBIAN
And now the most popular Smartphone OS is getting more Smarter , Sexier and Sophisticated.

Smarter symbian:
with new features introduced from symbian 9.x onwards especially starting from symbian9.3 and 9.5 like Demanding paging, File caging , RAM Defragmentation symbian is on the adobe of smartphone industry

one of the feature Demanding paging is illustrated in the following video

It also bought a smile on the traditional C developers by introducing P.I.P.S [which is posix on symbain]

Sexier symbian:
With S60[most loved User interface for a SMARTPHONE] getting a touch interface, symbian gets sexier.

Take a look at this video

I recall, Nigel Clifford(CEO , Symbian) speaking to NDTV Cell Guru.
when he was asked " do we expect to see an iPhone killer from saymbian"
Nigel answers "May be, sooner than you expect"
and here we have a Stronger answer.

Sophisticated symbian:
This initiative was whole hartedly welcomed by a set of pretty cool technologies from symbian.

ScreenPlay is the new graphics architecture in Symbian OS. Designed to power the richest visual experience available on a mobile phone to date, it gives users big screen effects in their pockets while ensuring long battery life. ScreenPlay is designed for mobile devices with user interfaces which integrate high definition video content, life-like games and animations. It significantly enhances content presentation in versatile, yet simple new ways - by using transparency and overlays, for example. ScreenPlay offers high performance in a scalable fashion - working purely in software on mid-range devices and taking advantage of hardware acceleration when present on high-end devices. These enhancements are delivered without compromising the device's battery power efficiency.

FreeWay is the new and unrivalled IP networking architecture in Symbian OS, providing broadband speeds in your pocket. On mobile broadband networks, FreeWay delivers the capability for super fast download speeds, high quality audio/video streaming and crystal-clear VoIP calls. FreeWay supplies high bandwidth that is suitable for Super3G/LTE, WiMax and beyond - ensuring performance high enough to allow users to download an MP3 file in seconds. FreeWay also guarantees users smooth switching between connection types and networks so that they can remain mobile at all times. A key feature of FreeWay is its compatibility with existing applications such as web browsers, allowing these to take advantage of the benefits of FreeWay without any additional development.

These two new technologies are further enhanced with Symbian's recently announced support for Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) on Symbian OS, offering 'performance on demand' to maximize battery life and multimedia user experience on future converged mobile devices with multi-processor chipsets.

which in a layman's terms means that with so much power in hand the battery will still have a power to enable the user to use your Multimedia handheld as a normal phone to keep in touch with your loved ones :)

Symbian and s60 together all creating a revolution in the smartphone and i feel proud to be in this space of Mobility Era

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