Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Up close with s60 touch

I found these flash illustration of Nokia's New S60 touch interface

Seeing these, i am quite disappointed, its no where near the Rich User Experiance offerd by iPhone.
But hey! this can play direct-youtube i.e. flv thanks to Adobe's Flashlite3 [a powerful runtime engine for mobile]

And i would also like to bring this in to the lime light. if you closely observer the clicks on the button , the buttons seem to have come alive [i.e press and release like physical buttons] this is what Nokia means by "Tactile feedback" which appears in their press release

in short Tactile feedback lets you feel what you’re touching.Pressing a button gives you a firm fall-through sensation that let's you know it was pressed. A disabled button is stiff and buzzes, to let you know that your press is being ignored. And when dragging you feel a soft springiness, with only a light touch needed to move across the surface.

How can this provide a better awareness of the device's response and improv the user experience?
well, it senses not only the location of your touch, but also the force with which you're pressing, the area of contact between your finger and the surface, the distance that the surface has been depressed and its velocity — each updated one hundred times per second. This enables application designers to create powerful and expressive user interfaces.

with all these technologies fusing at one place, we expect to see a lot of innovations to hit mobile market.

we all know what happens when the market leaders fails to innovate.Hope all the other big players catchup and be a strong contender to Nokia and Apple

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TheCruisemaniac said...


I spoke to Keith De Mendonca, the Boss @ Symbian India, yesterday at MoMo... The news that he gave me is just awesome...

Lets discuss further regarding your post and his information over chai...

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