Saturday, October 11, 2008

its been so long...a PPC in my life

Its been 8 months since i posted some really geeky things. Its been a hard time or me to doing things which doesn't impress me, as its been said "Complexity ignites me" at the same time what am been doing just scares my geek quotient, i wonder is it still active? few more days and it will dead :|

To over come the fear of losings my gIQ I thought of getting my hands dirty with Linux and my being a mobile engineer my obvious choice was a PDA to port some sort of LINUX flavor on it. May be being in NewZealand helped in some sort, i was able to get an iPAQ pocket PC at a throwaway price, thanks to www_trademe_co_nz. Once i had the Windows Pocket PC 3 version device "iPAQ 3850" i was all set to sail in the world of OSS. Here Pic of that device.