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My country's Pride

Here is t he Last speech from Abdul Kalam as "President of India" 

Salutes to  The Missile Man with  a Heart of Gold.

Vision 2020: we will make it happen

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What if?

what if the most successful marriage in the smartphone industry breaks?
I am pointing to Nokia-symbian success story. This duo started the smartphone race and now they are the leader in this space.
Symbian the most powerful, sophisticated mobile operating system.
Nokia, Currently the world's largest manufacturer of mobile handset.

Success of the symbian as a powerful OS can not be narrated with out Nokia, if symbian is doing so well in the smartphone market, its because of Nokia. A Solid proof of this is the failure of other symbian licensee like Sony Ericsson, Panasonic , Siemens, Samsung. Nokia has leveraged the partnership and come out with some truely amazing phones. Nokia was able to do this not just because it holds the higest stake in Symbian,but because of their UI Framework for Symbian.The famous Series60 .Nokia exploited Symbian OS's features to come out with their advanced smartphones which, UIQ and sorry to say even NTTDOCOMO's FOMA failed to do.
What ever smartphone we talk about, here, use and addore are mainly S60 devices. Sony Ericsson's UIQ phones like p800, p900 and even p990i failed to impress geeks :)
in fact even Nokia launched a UIQ2.1 based phone [6708]which for all obvious reasons failed.

Do all these scenarios and facts/figures ring a bell in your mind? It did for me!
Nokia is the sole reason for the success of the Symbian OS.

Nokia recently announced the shipment of 100 millionnt S60 device.[what a success!!], but for nokia this doesn't come cheap because of the royalty[though Nokia hold 48% stake in symbian] this royalty issue is an unwanted burden for the leader on mobile filed

In India people buy mobile phones based on the following criteria
  1. Brand
  2. Looks
  3. Features
  4. Cost
Cost has become the least bothered criteria for an average Indian when he go out to buy a mobile [ This has become the trend now]

They are least bothered about what is running inside their Mobile phone and nokia already has won the heart of million Indians with there tough, rugged but yet stylish mobile phones in India.
I have seen people using a phone like N93i and yet do not know how to switch between running tasks!!! of course we can not expect every person who uses a smartphone to be a geek :P

The motivation behind this article came after i came across MotoRokr E6. This obviously is not a challenger for the smartphone contest, but yet for as low as 14k INR this baby is more attractive than N73 which is pricze tagged for 17k INR. I would recommend for non geek users to go ahead and buy this rather than pay 4k extra for something which "IT CAN DO THIS, IF YOU BUY THAT APPLICATION"

Friend: Motorokr E6 has a business card reader !!
ME: We had developed it long back for symbian.
Friend: why dont i see it on any of your symbian phones.
ME: you can see on some phones and if you don't have it , then you have to buy it :)
Friend: #@$@ #% !!!, i am buying E6.

this is the actual conversation i had with one of my friend how wanted to buy a "GOOD PHONE"

The only draw back of E6 is that , its from Motorola :), u can guess the drawbacks

As i previously mentioned price is not a criteria. If a phone with more INBUILT functionality can be bought at a lower [or even at the same price ] as a symbian phone then why buy a symbian phone?

Nokia has established theire brand name even with theire series40 devices and now it has matured such an extent that it can do multitasting

This is the time Nokia should think beyond Symbian and venture into other options and even Linux . We know nokia is doing it from a long time and we even talked about nokia porting its s60 to Linux platform[still unclear]. What i would say is, forget about porting s60 and look at s40 . they even have come up with the S40 5th edition. UI is the make or brake decisions on device like mobile phone and i think S40 should be given more attention.It has the potential of being close to S60. And look at devices like N800 and N770, what is Nokia doing with tablet PCs?

E6 is running on linux and the UI looks a lot similar to UIQ2 and much better than motorola's other linux based devices and the interaction is much smoother.

With symbian OS 9.5 there is a significant saving on Phone build Cost of the manufacturer.This implies a Truly smartphone at an affordable price. Hope NOKIA would try to cut down the cost of their symbian lineup phone with all the software and the hardware getting cheaper.