Friday, June 29, 2007

small dedication to our iCon

From this --------------------------------- To this
white Black

reason for this little transition ?
Well Black backgrounds may save lot of energy for a CRT monitor users
but the reason behind have this, has an altogether a different meaning.

To mark the official release of the most awaited gadget, i am having the color Apple loves the most ;)

Hey even i love iphone, its just that i don't believe, iPhone can match a real smartPhone

this goes for our iCon- cheers to Jobs

Thanks to intomobile we have the live webstream of Apple iPhone launch

It's an art

Dismantling any electronic device doesn't need special skills but if you want to practice that on something like a mobile phone, you need to give it a thought before even you get your glouse on.

Recently i found this old video on youtube and seeing this i must say "Dismantling is an art"
and here, it is Executed with perfection.

These devices are engineering masterpieces

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Need to say anything?

is this is thefinal verdict?
You never know how people react to the techno wars between the big guns
Apple known for its innovative ideas and of course the fancy design has won the hearts of million with there "i"devices [iMac, iPod ] and now the new cake in the row is the iPhone. it has already created a big wave in the smartphone market.But is it worth all the hype??
Look at this Wonder -this is the " iTHING " - iPhone can not match the features of this baby, but still owing to Steve Jobs , this iPhone is surely to become the popular gadget among these guys

Friday, June 22, 2007

Filtering the file from a Directory listing :symbian

//Declared in main class ---- CMyclass.h
RArray iFileList;
RArray iDirList;


void CMyclass::ListDirectory( )
CDir* dirs = 0;
CDir* files = 0;

User::LeaveIfError(iFsSession.GetDir(KDirPath,KEntryAttNormal,ESortByName,files, dirs));
TFindFile FindFiles(iFsSession());
TInt err = FindFiles.FindWildByDir(KFileExtension,KDirPath, files);


//get files in base path
While (err == KErrNone)
for( TInt i=0; iCount(); i++ )
iFileList.Append( (*files)[i] );
iDirList.Append(KDirPath );

err = file_finder.FindWild(file_list);
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( 2 );

now the iFileList containes the file of desired extension

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Been waiting for this

Much appreciated browser enters the windows world..
I have only one word--EXCITED--

Mobile ,.....What am i running!!!!

When ever my mobile goes into my pocket (which I rarely do), I need to close all the running apps. I do this by manually checking the current running application [ long press of menu key]*.
I will be running all kind of application including browser, calendar, IM, yahoo…. And many times I forget what i have some apps running and I simply lock the keypad.Running application eat up a lot of battery power…this happens with me coz i cant keep track of all the apps i started 2-3 hrs ago…this shouldn't be happening.. after all i am using a smart phone. it should know what all application the user has started and if the user is not giving any input for a long time then it should be smart enough to close them [its a crazy idea though!!!]..,,symbian, for developers has given a every “Smart” approach in saving resources while developing application and its called cleanupstack.

Time out [Not in depth]
Cleanupstack is a way in which a developer can concentrate more on his coding rather worrying about the memory mishandling due to crash or abrupt closing of the application.

Nokia has finally given a break for smartphone freaks. In there next version of UI frame work s60 3rd edition FP1, they have this beautiful feature where in on the menu view there is a small icon(running) at the top right corner of folder which indicates that there is a application running from this folder [on the application itself]. ..Kudos NOKIA for this kinda feature. Unfortunately i still haven't upgraded to s60 3rd ed FP1 device !! All in all a useful feature packaged in a nice manner

Picture taken using RDA [N95]

*Note by the way i use Nokia 3250