Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mobile ,.....What am i running!!!!

When ever my mobile goes into my pocket (which I rarely do), I need to close all the running apps. I do this by manually checking the current running application [ long press of menu key]*.
I will be running all kind of application including browser, calendar, IM, yahoo…. And many times I forget what i have some apps running and I simply lock the keypad.Running application eat up a lot of battery power…this happens with me coz i cant keep track of all the apps i started 2-3 hrs ago…this shouldn't be happening.. after all i am using a smart phone. it should know what all application the user has started and if the user is not giving any input for a long time then it should be smart enough to close them [its a crazy idea though!!!]..,,symbian, for developers has given a every “Smart” approach in saving resources while developing application and its called cleanupstack.

Time out [Not in depth]
Cleanupstack is a way in which a developer can concentrate more on his coding rather worrying about the memory mishandling due to crash or abrupt closing of the application.

Nokia has finally given a break for smartphone freaks. In there next version of UI frame work s60 3rd edition FP1, they have this beautiful feature where in on the menu view there is a small icon(running) at the top right corner of folder which indicates that there is a application running from this folder [on the application itself]. ..Kudos NOKIA for this kinda feature. Unfortunately i still haven't upgraded to s60 3rd ed FP1 device !! All in all a useful feature packaged in a nice manner

Picture taken using RDA [N95]

*Note by the way i use Nokia 3250

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