Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Need to say anything?

is this is thefinal verdict?
You never know how people react to the techno wars between the big guns
Apple known for its innovative ideas and of course the fancy design has won the hearts of million with there "i"devices [iMac, iPod ] and now the new cake in the row is the iPhone. it has already created a big wave in the smartphone market.But is it worth all the hype??
Look at this Wonder -this is the " iTHING " - iPhone can not match the features of this baby, but still owing to Steve Jobs , this iPhone is surely to become the popular gadget among these guys


Allagappan M said...

Where is the Java Support?
Where is Flashlite Support? lol. I thought they were killer apps in mobile technology. Apple has clearly ruled of support of Flash in iPhone. But, the media hype and craze will make people buy!


vinzy said...

@Allagappan M
rightly said, you may like to read this article about "JAVA ON IPHONE"

iphone -- long way to go to be a smartphone