Saturday, November 17, 2012

OpenHome with BubbleUPnP

with UPnP device we get a wireless freedom of streaming content on many devices. With many more devices being DLNA certified there are many more kind of devices hitting the market right from mobile phones to smartTVs. In DIYers world one good thing about non proprietary software stack means more freedom. Many years DIY home media servers have been rely on open source software to stream content through out the house. Having to setup this by yourself is a mighty task given the complexity of h/w supporting the s/w, for such kind there is always a non-cheap option [ set up a small apple shop at home iphone+ipad+appleTV] for the rest we have mediatomb, minidlna to name a few.

In my case, I already had minidlna running on my pogoplug seamlessly streaming video and audio to my devices. The missing functionality of a good home media system is the media renderer. [ note: this is different from client, a dlna client can be used to browse media server content and play them, while a control point+renderer allows you to play the media on a different device] Consider a simple use case, you are watching a movie in the living room and you decide to watch it in your bedroom TV, in this case, using a control point you can transfer the movie to continue on the TV in your bedroom.

There is no single open source software which has such great feature [ LinuxMCE was an interesting project, is another interesting project ]. But can be achived with combination of tools. For my setup I chose BubbleUPnP.

BubbleUPnP server has the support for creating an Openhome playlist which is exactly what I was looking for. This feature helps in setting up the device specific playlist. This means you can have different playlist per renderer, your living room TV can have a different playlist and your bedroom hifi system can have a different playlist, and since the playlist is not savedin the control point, you can switch from one rendere to another with outloosing the playlist.

Seting up BubbleUPnP is documented for windows and Linux systems. For my setup i wanted to run BubbleUPnP server on my pogoplug , rendere on my HP touchpad and control point on my Nexus one

Media server:
pogoplug running minidlna+BubbleUPnPserver
HP touchpad BubbleUPnP rendere
Nexus one  - BubbleUPnP rendere+controlpoint

BubbleUPnP server setup:
Getting BubbleUPnP server up on pogoplug is a bit tricky. It needs java to be installed first. Download the latest java runtime for embedded linux from oracle site, untar the file

tar zvxf ejre-1_6_0_34-fcs-b04-linux-arm-sflt-eabi-headless-19_jul_2012.tar.gz
mkkdir /usr/local/java
mv ejre-1_6_0_34 /usr/local/java

Next download the server package from here
and run the script
if Java installation is successful, you must now see that the server is running and You can configure the server and renderer from the webinterface on http://:5850

For further configuration related help can be found here

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jenkins Slave and Domain user profile

Jenkins has a neat feature of configuring your Windows Slave to run as a domain user. This is important feature when you have a configuration set for a particular user in the domain and you need to use that profile when you start the slave from. This pretty well works if followed the exact steps as mentioned in jenkins wiki and forum, how ever I couldn't get this working right may be I was missing few steps there. 

In my case, Mapped network drive was not available when I run a windows batch command from jenkins.
I did some debugging using a simple Job which prints the path and the %username%, I found that Jenkins Slave was running as admin account. So now I have the root cause being found, I headed to stackoverflow, found dozens of people having similar issue, followed all the possible solution provided by experts there, but non worked for me. With hope of finding some answer I explored jenkins service on my slave machine, interestingly I found a parameter Log on as:... , it was clear that if I could give the domain user details here, the slave would start with domain user credentials. This one Step solved my hour long problem. 

Friday, May 04, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to Vodafone-uk

Vodafone announced the launch of latest and the greatest [ for now] of the smartphone to be available in UK exclusively on their Network.

More info..

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rasberry PI: Too long a wait

Today In my mail box.

"Dear customer,

Having successfully passed its CE compliance testing, we can now confirm that your Raspberry Pi will be delivered by the end of June. You will receive a confirmation email prior to your Raspberry Pi being shipped.
Prepare for your Raspberry Pi
Get ready for your Raspberry Pi by downloading all the software you need. To get started, visit our download centre.
If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ page on element14 for more information.
Once again, thank you for being patient. We hope you’ll enjoy the limitless computing potential and enjoyment the Raspberry Pi offers.
Farnell element14 "

Should I be happy that i got the shipping dates, or mourn till I get it!!
Thinking about the possibilities of this little beast, It would be worth the wait

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family portrait

My most loved Nokia N900, along with other devices,

2. Google Nexus - Android Gingerbread
3. Nokia C7 running Symbian/Nokia Belle
4. IPhone 4

My preference follows the list above :)