Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Screenplay, Freeway illustrated by symbain

Remember in my other post i had mentioned about the 2 new technology symbian introduced to us.

well, if words weren’t enough to explain such a beautiful concept , here are the video illustration of the same.

Points to be note:

  1. Note the home screen, do u recognize that icon on the top left of the screen J
  2. Notice the tap on the screen to receive the incoming call? Have you seen a similar big white DOT

In my opinion Nokia - symbian marriage is getting stronger and stronger as years go by.This Screenplay technology is the driving force for Nokia’s S60 Touch or other way also applies.

Nokia and symbian together are ready to take over the smartphone world. Will it happen we just have to wait and watch.

In the mean time they have a big challenge to over come :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Windows Desktop Search uninstall

In my previous post related to windows Desktop search, i did not recommend to install WDS. But some took the "pleasure" of doing this and from the day they have installed there life has become hell. Believe me they are "REALLY ANGRY" on me for that little post. They should be, because once you install this. its not that easy to get ride of WDS. This was supposed to happen and you know why ;).

OK now let’s get to business.How to uninstall this!! Give a try with ADD/Remove program. These will not goanna help in this exercise, at least for me: it dint work. Luckily found this simple technique, thanks to RCIayH on msdn forum, he suggests that most of the time this problem is caused due to the absence of uninstall directory which should have been created while installing.

If you are unable to find this “C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB917013$’ on your system then the best and simple solution is to copy this folder in any of ther other system where WDS has been properly installed. If you are unable to find these files then you can download this from http://www.2daytech.com/$NtUninstallKB917013$.rar [thanks Mrashed] extract this in your windows folder and run spuninst.exe and there you have it , you have your old search companion back on ur system :)

Kudos to MS for releasing SUCH s/w and letting us explore there OS :|

Thank’s to RClayH and MRashed

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Symbian Dissected

The greatest and the most unassailable software fortress has been broken.I am talking about about Symbian's Platform Security.This has come as a shock to everyone.The impregnable platform is no more safe and has amazed all veterens of symbian os.This has opened the doors and paved way for all the 3rd part software to easyly access the system files which symbian never wanted.

As a symbian developer i never thought "symbian Platform security" could be broken!! Well it has already been done according to this post at http://symbaali.info/ he even has a post like this

"Goodbye S60 Platform Security, Hello CAPABILITIES!"

Symbian was boasting about their platform security.This came as a slap on their face. In fact Symbian would be in a state of shock now since the hack was fueled by Nokia's Firmware update "NSU" .
This person was able to intercept firmware downloaded by NSU make some modifications and then flash it on to the device and voila!! you have a device which can grant full all access to the symbian file system system.

He refers to using a simple "SWIPOLICY.INI" file which is SoftWare Instalation Policy
the description can be found in Symbian developer library and is well documented.
According to the document

When installing native Symbian OS packages (.SIS files) onto a device, the code performing the installation (the Software Inst aller, sometimes referred to as SWI) first reads the settings in a policy file in ROM (swipolicy.ini) to determine how the installation should proceed. Swipolicy.ini is configured by a device manufacturer prior to device shipping.

This document describes the contents of tha

t policy file and the effect the settings have upon software installation. Swipolicy.ini is not divided into sections and parameters can occur in any order. This document applies to Symbian OS v9.x and onwards.

On a phone, swipolicy.ini is located in z:\system\data\. On the emulator, this corresponds to \epoc32\release\platform\build\z\system\data\.

Finally after flashing the modified firmware file t he File wil dictate how the SWI [sofware installer, which is responsible for all the installation happens on the phone] behaves.

Below is the screen shot of the file location after flashing :

and the contents of an unaltered firmware are as follows:[swipolicy.ini]

AllowUnsigned = false
MandatePolicies = false
MandateCodeSigningExtension = false
Oid =
Oid =
DRMEnabled = true
DRMIntent = 3
OcspMandatory = false
OcspEnabled = true
AllowGrantUserCapabilities = true
AllowOrphanedOverwrite = true
UserCapabilities = NetworkServices LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData UserEnvironment
AllowPackagePropagate = true
SISCompatibleIfNoTargetDevices = false
RunWaitTimeoutSeconds = 600
AllowRunOnInstallUninstall = false
DeletePreinstalledFilesOnUninstall = true

The hack is simple and straight forward, yet it may not be that simple to execute from everyone but the point is, even such a security can be broken!!
This has been confirmed by the Forum nokia champions like antonypranata.

Now its all left to symbian and Nokia to battle it out ant the next few weeks would be very interesting.

The hack isn't just about granting full access to 3rd party applications, it has much more severe.Lets wait what the giants have to say about this. Symbian and Nokia i think never had been challenged to this heights. well its a wake up call to all the big corporate.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Geeks: God of the modern times

Geeks in my opinion are the Gods of ElEctronik erra. They are set of people who expect even their shoe to have some sort of wireless connectivity

Few days back , my friend came to visit me, just then he had bought a new wallet, and i was having a look at it.My reaction was "cool!! what does it do?" He jumped out of his chair and laughed over my foolish question. he said "DUDE its a wallet!!! do you expect it to have a LCD display showing the current amount inside it?, or you want it to do a wireless money transfer? whats running in your mind??". In fact even i dint know what was running in my mind.

There are so much of technology outbreak happening, what ever we see around us , we tend to give it a techno dimension. But hey mankind has benefited a lot from these one of a kind human breed :)

They are the people responsible for LINUX, they are the people responsible for Mozilla, all in all they are the one responsible for all the best of the breed softwares which in some are the other way have been motivated/inspired by the Open source community which again is the gift of geeks to mankind

Geeks are the Messiah of the Techno God
"With out them this world would have been still in the dark ages"

I bow to all the geeks out there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Symbian Programming horror

Lot of my colleagues ask me "why is symbian so tough to understand and program?"

well symbian programming is not that tough but its not that easy either. Symbain's EVP David Woods in a book written by him titled "Symbian for Software Leaders" talks about a document he wrote during the early days of Symbian, During the developement of EPOC.

The document "Goals for a ERA software development" spoke about some of the points programmers should keep in mind while developing an ERA* software.The one which caught my attention and which influendced me to write a blogpost was this particular point from that doc...

7. Simplicity of interface

To prevent the programming interface becoming too large and
unwieldy, it shouldn’t offer programmers too many equivalent ways of achieving the same end. The interface should be ‘‘complete’’ but not‘‘more than complete’’. There’s no need to hand-hold the programmer,who can be assumed to be already proficient in all aspects of C++.

Now i know a better and a smart answer to the age old symbian question :)

Note: to know more about the ERA development goals read This book available at Amazon.

* ERA - EPOC RISC Architecture

Up close with s60 touch

I found these flash illustration of Nokia's New S60 touch interface

Seeing these, i am quite disappointed, its no where near the Rich User Experiance offerd by iPhone.
But hey! this can play direct-youtube i.e. flv thanks to Adobe's Flashlite3 [a powerful runtime engine for mobile]

And i would also like to bring this in to the lime light. if you closely observer the clicks on the button , the buttons seem to have come alive [i.e press and release like physical buttons] this is what Nokia means by "Tactile feedback" which appears in their press release

in short Tactile feedback lets you feel what you’re touching.Pressing a button gives you a firm fall-through sensation that let's you know it was pressed. A disabled button is stiff and buzzes, to let you know that your press is being ignored. And when dragging you feel a soft springiness, with only a light touch needed to move across the surface.

How can this provide a better awareness of the device's response and improv the user experience?
well, it senses not only the location of your touch, but also the force with which you're pressing, the area of contact between your finger and the surface, the distance that the surface has been depressed and its velocity — each updated one hundred times per second. This enables application designers to create powerful and expressive user interfaces.

with all these technologies fusing at one place, we expect to see a lot of innovations to hit mobile market.

we all know what happens when the market leaders fails to innovate.Hope all the other big players catchup and be a strong contender to Nokia and Apple

Friday, October 19, 2007

BCB5 hitting Bangalore

What - Barcamp Bangalore 2007 winter edition [in short "Geeks day out"]
Where - Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB)
When - 17th and 18th November 2007

I Will be there, Follow me on twitter

Thursday, October 18, 2007

faster symbian

We talk about windows xp vista, Apple MAC os tiger leopard. SUSE, ubuntu,RED hat all these are power full operating systems. But talk about OS for an handheld device like a mobile phone there is only one name that stands out : SYMBIAN
And now the most popular Smartphone OS is getting more Smarter , Sexier and Sophisticated.

Smarter symbian:
with new features introduced from symbian 9.x onwards especially starting from symbian9.3 and 9.5 like Demanding paging, File caging , RAM Defragmentation symbian is on the adobe of smartphone industry

one of the feature Demanding paging is illustrated in the following video

It also bought a smile on the traditional C developers by introducing P.I.P.S [which is posix on symbain]

Sexier symbian:
With S60[most loved User interface for a SMARTPHONE] getting a touch interface, symbian gets sexier.

Take a look at this video

I recall, Nigel Clifford(CEO , Symbian) speaking to NDTV Cell Guru.
when he was asked " do we expect to see an iPhone killer from saymbian"
Nigel answers "May be, sooner than you expect"
and here we have a Stronger answer.

Sophisticated symbian:
This initiative was whole hartedly welcomed by a set of pretty cool technologies from symbian.

ScreenPlay is the new graphics architecture in Symbian OS. Designed to power the richest visual experience available on a mobile phone to date, it gives users big screen effects in their pockets while ensuring long battery life. ScreenPlay is designed for mobile devices with user interfaces which integrate high definition video content, life-like games and animations. It significantly enhances content presentation in versatile, yet simple new ways - by using transparency and overlays, for example. ScreenPlay offers high performance in a scalable fashion - working purely in software on mid-range devices and taking advantage of hardware acceleration when present on high-end devices. These enhancements are delivered without compromising the device's battery power efficiency.

FreeWay is the new and unrivalled IP networking architecture in Symbian OS, providing broadband speeds in your pocket. On mobile broadband networks, FreeWay delivers the capability for super fast download speeds, high quality audio/video streaming and crystal-clear VoIP calls. FreeWay supplies high bandwidth that is suitable for Super3G/LTE, WiMax and beyond - ensuring performance high enough to allow users to download an MP3 file in seconds. FreeWay also guarantees users smooth switching between connection types and networks so that they can remain mobile at all times. A key feature of FreeWay is its compatibility with existing applications such as web browsers, allowing these to take advantage of the benefits of FreeWay without any additional development.

These two new technologies are further enhanced with Symbian's recently announced support for Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) on Symbian OS, offering 'performance on demand' to maximize battery life and multimedia user experience on future converged mobile devices with multi-processor chipsets.

which in a layman's terms means that with so much power in hand the battery will still have a power to enable the user to use your Multimedia handheld as a normal phone to keep in touch with your loved ones :)

Symbian and s60 together all creating a revolution in the smartphone and i feel proud to be in this space of Mobility Era

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nokia gets an Apple touch

Nokia the mobile giants gets the ipod's Click Wheel kind off interface on to there multimedia beast. Nokia likes to call it the navi™ Wheel

Nokia introduced this interface with the new Nokia N81 mobile

Note: the original provider is
synaptics visit here for more details

see the video

also visit

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

safari like fonts on windows xp

I was having a chat with my friend comparing MAC OS and your's truly windows XP. we were discussing about why some love MAC and the rest prefer a PC [windows/Linux].
My answer was simple,

WINDOWS is for muggles
LINUX is for wizards
and,MAC is for artists
take a look here

The argument was not over , the discussion continued with , the new safari browser for windows.
we are so excited with this move of getting the world's most loved browser on to the world's most used platform[windows]. every one are talking about this.

Main point : fonts on safari browser compared to other windows based browser on windows, fonts on the safari browser has a soothing effect. it is worth to understand why mac fonts are so soothing compared to fonts in windows.
windows follow what is called as a true type font. i wont talk much about this coz people have already posted tons of info on this here, here and here

you can understand these technology buy visiting this site http://www.grc.com/ctwhat.htm

well the main reason of this post is , how to get the safari kinda fonts on your windows. this is not a rocket science. This is there in windows XP from quite some time. All you need to do is just use the feature provided :)

Go to desktop properties by right clicking on the desktop and select properties

select the Appearance tab and then click on "Effects" button.

check "Use the following method to smooth. . . . ." if unchecked
and in the drop down menu below select "Clear type" say OK, apply and its done.

the fonts may appear burr but that is what we expect from a clear type font.

Note: the effect is to be observed on an LCD monitor

AS i said am not teaching are writing any new recipe. its just that not many people [whom i know] knew about this