Wednesday, October 03, 2007

safari like fonts on windows xp

I was having a chat with my friend comparing MAC OS and your's truly windows XP. we were discussing about why some love MAC and the rest prefer a PC [windows/Linux].
My answer was simple,

WINDOWS is for muggles
LINUX is for wizards
and,MAC is for artists
take a look here

The argument was not over , the discussion continued with , the new safari browser for windows.
we are so excited with this move of getting the world's most loved browser on to the world's most used platform[windows]. every one are talking about this.

Main point : fonts on safari browser compared to other windows based browser on windows, fonts on the safari browser has a soothing effect. it is worth to understand why mac fonts are so soothing compared to fonts in windows.
windows follow what is called as a true type font. i wont talk much about this coz people have already posted tons of info on this here, here and here

you can understand these technology buy visiting this site

well the main reason of this post is , how to get the safari kinda fonts on your windows. this is not a rocket science. This is there in windows XP from quite some time. All you need to do is just use the feature provided :)

Go to desktop properties by right clicking on the desktop and select properties

select the Appearance tab and then click on "Effects" button.

check "Use the following method to smooth. . . . ." if unchecked
and in the drop down menu below select "Clear type" say OK, apply and its done.

the fonts may appear burr but that is what we expect from a clear type font.

Note: the effect is to be observed on an LCD monitor

AS i said am not teaching are writing any new recipe. its just that not many people [whom i know] knew about this

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