Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Era of convergence

from the beginning of the smartphone era we are commenting on things like "why do we need a smartphone?, the sole purpuse of having a phone is make a call-talk-disconnect!.." practically this is what phones are meant for, but the mobile technology has matured so that it has combined 3 different world.

we use to carry gadgets like a phone to be connected, a music player to be entertained on the move and a PDA r a laptop to cater the out of office business needs, now all these has fused in to a single device called SmartPhones.

There is a clear distinctive look btw a smartphone and a pda-phone. smartphone Nokia-symbian mostly fall under pearl DFRD(device family reffernce design) according to which u need a keypad and a screen for the user interface . And more over a keypad is a better option for a smartphone than a keyboard, coz its a phone which has the functionality of a PDA but firstly it’s a “phone”[talk-listen thing]. And smartphone is a phone which can make u smart(not intelligent) ;) PIM+telephony = smartPhone

Monday, April 09, 2007

Font hunt.

Well, I almost forgot the main theme. I wanted to write about the scripting and the font style but lost completely in those talking-writing things :)

Writing is a form of communication and also a form of art. The art of writing known to be originated from China involved tools and special form of ink.

For this computer-savvy era, we see the art in electronic formats.

There are some beautiful fonts available here

This being my favorite Walt Disney style, and the Ferrari font

I talk U talk...

History of communication on wiki says Human communication was revolutionized with speech about 200,000 years ago. Symbols were developed about 30,000 years ago, and writing about 7,000 man!! isn’t that astonishing, well i see it the other way round. When we say human communication does it mean speech or literature? If this is true, then does it mean that animals don’t communicate!!! If even if they do in there own ways do they follow there own language? And in such case do we have any explanation on communication between plants? No wonder they do communicate. Plant roots communicate in parallel with rhizobia bacteria, with fungi and with insects in the soil. More information available here

Was thrilled when writing this post....with all this in mind, how do we define life? On this will scribble next time.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Don't MIND

I don’t know why this happens with me always, what ever I start with I will never end up completing it. Forget about finishing I don’t even start properly :) this has never changed but I desperately want to come out of this. Of course this is no a curse it’s just in the mind set.

At this point I remember answering my lecturer “My mind was not prepared” , actually I was giving him the reason for why I dint attend his class , the reason may look funny or even silly but that was a genuine reason.