Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eye catching Math

The (Power of software + Zooming power of G10 ) * creativity = This Amazing Picture a brilliant 1,474 megapixels Photogarph

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Evil of On device debugging

With the announcement of Carbide v2.0 Nokia saw a broad smile on developers face. With a huge list of improvements and new features.
Few thing which caught attention was Free For all features
On device Debugging
UI designer
For me On device debugging appeals the most being it Free.

But still there are few features which I believe has gone un noticed, first the on device debugging over Bluetooth. Most of my developer friends got stuck at the same point while debugging. “My Device is connected to my PC BT serial port and I specify the Port on TRK app and Carbide but still, Carbide cannot detect running TRK on my mobile.Why?”

The problem here is not with the caribide nor the TRK app [ 3.0.9] as such. The UI of the TRK device APP has to be blamed.

Below is the screen shot of APP TRK on my device
Notice the Port specified


And once connected the BT manager on my PC is as shown below


Notice that the PORT Specified in the TRK APP on the phone and the BT port to which the Device is connected

Now in the Carbide Debug View New Connection

Notice the serial port we are providing is the BT serial port to which the device is connected not the Port provided in the TRK APP

This most often misleads developers. 
Nokia Tools team please look into such UI issues in the future.
In fact a blog post on talks about this but not specifically about the one dicussed above.

More info can be obtained in this link
Hope to see this feature soon ,Vasili Prikhodko