Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love to See this ;)

To Match my Previous Post heading.. This is a fine example

i wonder what they are upto at the labs :)

Boy-o-boy wiatin for it come to live again. Don’t know what new feature it will have for all orkuters. Let’s wait and watch

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Change is the only constant

I was genuinely busy with all my personal and professional work so busy that I was unaware of the fact that RBI has released a new Rs.2 coin. The design has changed so much that I couldn’t recognize that as an Indian currency. Finally a radical change in the Indian coinage! But after reading this article on the net a tot struck my mind. The previous design was so good that blind felt so easy to trade with it bcoz of its unique design, the edges were curved so that it stud out from the Rs.1 coins. So there should me strong reason behind the change.. I went pursuing the reason…

Finally was able to dig this...
Reason for change - In machinery there are some part which need a very stable washers which undoubtedly was costly. So as humans we always think of a cheaper alternative. The alternative for this was to use Rs. 2 coin. It was rigid enough and available in plenty

How they do it? Quite simple drill a hole in the middle and it is ready to be used. People started BULK trading this coin. When RBI came to know about the misuse, the obvious step was to come up with a new design which would stop this and yet be simple enough. Result of this we have this ->

Back form a makeover

It’s been ages since i last posted on this blog. Reason quite simple 'work load kept me busy' i wonder how many of us use this as an excuse to ease away from our responsibility. Well, some times it really makes us feel that we haven’t wasted our time.

Parkinson's Law- “Work Expands so as to occupy the time allotted for its completion” how true!!!
This has been the case with me.
That’s about the excuse.. Let me start this blog again with some piece of interesting talk……