Monday, June 06, 2011

DIY gorilla-pod

On a casual visit to SP Road, found a shop selling Loc-Line modular hose at Rs 99/pc. Couldn't resist to start off my DIY tripod build.

  1. 3 modular hose at Rs 99/pc

Bolt and Nut matching the size of the camera mount. Typically a standard size for most of the cameras.

small piece of Acrylic Sheet. I had few pieces left from my previous projects,it a 6mm sheet. A drill to make the holes for the hose.

Just took 30mins in assembling , and works great.

Unfortunately the camera is busy doing its job else where. [ these pics are from my N900 ]
will post the actual camera mounted on this soon.

Next step:
building a holder for my N900, to make it compatible with my new tripod