Sunday, November 15, 2009

samsung mobile innovator 2009: bangalore

Samsung held a samsung mobile innovator 2009 core member meet on 13th November in Bangalore.
Agend of the meeting
release of Java SDK ,Windows SDK, Sansung App store called the A-Store and a small announcement of their new platform Bada.

Though Bada was in already big debate with why samsung would try to get a new platform into already crowded mobile OS space, Samsung kept it very low saying that this is an super set of their earlier famous proprietary platform SHP and targetting mid and higher mid range phones. "Current mobile OSs is not very open to operators and since we are closely working with operators we have open up the device for developers to exploit the network services and the device capability", said Amy VP, Samsung india

Amy said, the device based on BADA would be available by April, 2010.
He aslo added BADA would open up the access lower level to developer with exposing over 2000 more APIs. he also mentioned, this is the first time any one is giving in dept device access.

For a question from one of the veteran from mobile Apps space "with Bada, would samsungs be less focus on other platform like windows and symbian?" the samsung team give an very polite answer saying that samsung would keep its current focus on other plaform and continue its product lines.

Bada SDK would be available soon and development would be based on C++. Bada is a suer set of SHP and BADA apps would not be backward compatible with SHP phones.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My last blog post as....

and tomorrow i will be a "married man" ,
and will be more responsible... hopefully

Thursday, October 08, 2009

He has got right moves :)
i <3 asmio

Monday, July 20, 2009


and yeah...

India has joined the elite group of countries who have "left a sovereign" on the surgace of moon

thanks to goole earth/moon for reminding me of this...

images from google earth/moon

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monsoon till now..

Monsoon and my garden:

Bramha kamala blossoms in my garden:

The red whiskered bulbul's nest and egg

few days and the egg...

thats it for now

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liveandroid on vmware

Android on my vmware...

why i have this? well.. i dont know, may be am just crazy about virtualization :p

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 for S60

Nokia Beta Labs anounced the availabilty of Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 for S60. And action point for me
  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Blog about it :)

but "I" failed at the Second step.
here is my short story.

"My device is 2 months old.
Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 was announced Today 30June 2009
And when i tried to install on my 5800, i got to see this"

My device details

I am confused and totaly clueless.
Have i been using the advanced version of the yet unreleased JavaRuntime

Monday, June 22, 2009

the phone killer

The mighty iPhone has a newer cousin "iPhone 3G S"
Time and again Apple has proved that style matters than the content, presentation matters than the subject and "simplicity rocks"
We all know when iphone was launched, iPhone
  • couldn't handle video recording
  • couldn't run multiple application simultaneously
  • No MMS
yet it was coined to be the killer smart phone. I was wondering how can a non smart phone can take down the smartest of smart phones in the market . After a year of iphone, we know what happend. It was an irony.

I do agree that iPhone set a trend in the mobile phone market. consumers thought touch phones to be like PDA with a stylus based input, and here was a beautiful looking device with no stylus but a finger loving touch screen, and now every other device manufacturer wants to have similar screen on there phone. For this reason i still consider iphone as a truly ICONIC phone of our recent times. And it proved on more point. it opened a new frontier in American mobile phone industry. People started to look beyond just voice when they take there phone out of there pocket, they looked beyond blackberry. This opened a new frontier in American history.

With such a background iphone has yet another form this time with "video recording" can this take out the already flooded mobile market, This time the contenders are for really , palm pre, Nokia N97 and the army of Android phones . Nokia the king in smartphone business is loosing ground for the new kids on the block

From what we have seen it was a clean sweep from iphone back in 2007 and this year marks a very important move to all the mobile giants. Hope the worthy wins the battle.
when iphone came in people started to really love there phones, When i Android came in they know mobiles mean more than just a style symbol. but all throught "they" over looked one device which was/is much more capable of just giving you direction and pinching through your photo albums. That is Symbian. Symbian now has a new soul as symbian foundation.

p.s. smart or not phone are indivisible part of every day life here in india.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

5800: SMS "group by" option

I am an aditcitve texter, i tend to have sms well over 3k in all my mobile devices.
But never it has been easy for me to keep track of information if any sent to me via SMS , so i need to use symbian 'search' application to search sms contents....

Now i have a s60 5th ed device and one cool thing i noticed was "show messages in groups"

This is the view i see now :) and i feel gud :D

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Putty on Nokia 5800

5800 will be my favorite device.. until i get my hands on a "Android Phone" but for now the reality is I have a Nokia 5800 for few more weeks

Lets face it, Nokia is not yet ready with there Touch capability phones yet, certainly impresses an onlooker but not geeks or "iPhone" fans. Still i Love nokia and i partially like 5800.

One application i hvb'n trying out on this device is Putty for s60. Its a port of popular Putty ssh client on to symbian OS. It is a nice application but has few problem with 5800. One being
1. Once connected to ssh server then what?
Yaa this seems to be a silly question bt blv me i dint have a clue what to do next

All i can see is a blank screen. See below

I have to set fulscreen to see the console. when i want to execute a command HOW DO I DO IT???

The simple trick to make this work the way it was suppose to work is:

1. in 5800 phonesettings->phone->sensorsettings teep the sensor on for Auto-rotate
2. Open Putty connect to the server once cnnected rotate you handset 90degree Anti-clock wise. Now you shoud be able to see this

From here on you can use putty in a convenient fashion

Friday, April 24, 2009

s60 5th ed SDK installation

what seemed to be a basic task turned to be "nightmare"
I thought of upgrading from developing s60 3rd to s60 5th ed, for this i would just need to install the new s60 5th ed SDK v1.0 right?...errr.., not quit

The new SDK v1.0 just wouldnt install on my system.having been spending 2 yrs developing with s60 and consulting for mobile development for a while, these ERRORs d tested my nerves. instead of figuring out what the reason was, i searched on disccussion form for anyone facing this kinda issue. One particluar posted hinted 5th ed SDK would refuse to install on a FAT32 partiatio, intead digging in to this i just firmatted one of my partiion to NTFS and voila the SDK gets installed with oout any hiccups.
Now one hurdle has been crossed.But i need the dev environment on my laptop not on my desktop and i dont have free space on any partition and dont what the burden of formatting any drives, so next obvious solution was to ctr+c , ctr+v.
i just coppied the entire 2Gb of the installed SDK to my laptop EPOCROOT and a bit of tweeking in device.xml finally now i can build run the application on the new full touch "epoc"

Thanks nokia for SUCH A WONDERFUL WORK

Friday, April 17, 2009

Symbian + S60 on an Intel Atom Board = ?

Symbian + S60 on an intel Atom Board = ?

1. Symbook
2. Nokiabook
2. ASK them

i dont know, but guys at SOSCO has a differnet story to tell
Let’s not replicate the PC, Wintel, Netbook model, but instead really showcase the power of our code base, and an ecosystem of highly skilled providers of mobile technology.

i just love this news. Gr8 work symbian guys.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Information is priceless

And google knows this best
Have a look at this

* Listens for GPS and cell/wifi changes and anonymously uploads to server for
* improving quality of service of NetworkLocationProvider. This service is only enabled when
* the user has enabled the network location provider.
* {@hide}

Friday, February 20, 2009

How to browse Android source code tree?

I always try to look for a better, faster and on the fly solution for most of the problems.

This time my problem was: How do I browse the Android Source code tree? [ Ya, I know the obvious solution for this, but some how downloading it on to my laptop or on to my desk top was not feasible since both were short on disc space :p ] and I am not a linux user :x

While going thru google labs I found this why dint i think of this earlier!!

A simple code search would take you to the source code tree like this

I have to say, before you give some work to your greycell , try asking google :p

Made my task simple.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eye catching Math

The (Power of software + Zooming power of G10 ) * creativity = This Amazing Picture a brilliant 1,474 megapixels Photogarph

More Info here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Evil of On device debugging

With the announcement of Carbide v2.0 Nokia saw a broad smile on developers face. With a huge list of improvements and new features.
Few thing which caught attention was Free For all features
On device Debugging
UI designer
For me On device debugging appeals the most being it Free.

But still there are few features which I believe has gone un noticed, first the on device debugging over Bluetooth. Most of my developer friends got stuck at the same point while debugging. “My Device is connected to my PC BT serial port and I specify the Port on TRK app and Carbide but still, Carbide cannot detect running TRK on my mobile.Why?”

The problem here is not with the caribide nor the TRK app [ 3.0.9] as such. The UI of the TRK device APP has to be blamed.

Below is the screen shot of APP TRK on my device
Notice the Port specified


And once connected the BT manager on my PC is as shown below


Notice that the PORT Specified in the TRK APP on the phone and the BT port to which the Device is connected

Now in the Carbide Debug View New Connection

Notice the serial port we are providing is the BT serial port to which the device is connected not the Port provided in the TRK APP

This most often misleads developers. 
Nokia Tools team please look into such UI issues in the future.
In fact a blog post on talks about this but not specifically about the one dicussed above.

More info can be obtained in this link
Hope to see this feature soon ,Vasili Prikhodko