Saturday, June 06, 2009

Putty on Nokia 5800

5800 will be my favorite device.. until i get my hands on a "Android Phone" but for now the reality is I have a Nokia 5800 for few more weeks

Lets face it, Nokia is not yet ready with there Touch capability phones yet, certainly impresses an onlooker but not geeks or "iPhone" fans. Still i Love nokia and i partially like 5800.

One application i hvb'n trying out on this device is Putty for s60. Its a port of popular Putty ssh client on to symbian OS. It is a nice application but has few problem with 5800. One being
1. Once connected to ssh server then what?
Yaa this seems to be a silly question bt blv me i dint have a clue what to do next

All i can see is a blank screen. See below

I have to set fulscreen to see the console. when i want to execute a command HOW DO I DO IT???

The simple trick to make this work the way it was suppose to work is:

1. in 5800 phonesettings->phone->sensorsettings teep the sensor on for Auto-rotate
2. Open Putty connect to the server once cnnected rotate you handset 90degree Anti-clock wise. Now you shoud be able to see this

From here on you can use putty in a convenient fashion


Vinz486 said...

For this reason i'm waiting for N97.

With phisical keyboard SSH from a phone will be perfect!!!

vinzy said...

well ur wait is almost over.. just got to my hands on an N97, feels amazing but still lacks few things. unofficlay forum Nokia released this device in siliconindia startup city, pre booking with 3000 INR, and the prize is :D well with in 35k INR ;)

Vinz486 said...


vinzy said...

Real coooool :D

Anonymous said...

try this: