Monday, June 22, 2009

the phone killer

The mighty iPhone has a newer cousin "iPhone 3G S"
Time and again Apple has proved that style matters than the content, presentation matters than the subject and "simplicity rocks"
We all know when iphone was launched, iPhone
  • couldn't handle video recording
  • couldn't run multiple application simultaneously
  • No MMS
yet it was coined to be the killer smart phone. I was wondering how can a non smart phone can take down the smartest of smart phones in the market . After a year of iphone, we know what happend. It was an irony.

I do agree that iPhone set a trend in the mobile phone market. consumers thought touch phones to be like PDA with a stylus based input, and here was a beautiful looking device with no stylus but a finger loving touch screen, and now every other device manufacturer wants to have similar screen on there phone. For this reason i still consider iphone as a truly ICONIC phone of our recent times. And it proved on more point. it opened a new frontier in American mobile phone industry. People started to look beyond just voice when they take there phone out of there pocket, they looked beyond blackberry. This opened a new frontier in American history.

With such a background iphone has yet another form this time with "video recording" can this take out the already flooded mobile market, This time the contenders are for really , palm pre, Nokia N97 and the army of Android phones . Nokia the king in smartphone business is loosing ground for the new kids on the block

From what we have seen it was a clean sweep from iphone back in 2007 and this year marks a very important move to all the mobile giants. Hope the worthy wins the battle.
when iphone came in people started to really love there phones, When i Android came in they know mobiles mean more than just a style symbol. but all throught "they" over looked one device which was/is much more capable of just giving you direction and pinching through your photo albums. That is Symbian. Symbian now has a new soul as symbian foundation.

p.s. smart or not phone are indivisible part of every day life here in india.

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Vinz486 said...

Do you forgot the "copy & paste" lack?

Now... Apple conference: we do video!!! And Apple lusers: woooooww!!!

This is the win of design/noob against the true HI-TECH of other devices...