Sunday, November 15, 2009

samsung mobile innovator 2009: bangalore

Samsung held a samsung mobile innovator 2009 core member meet on 13th November in Bangalore.
Agend of the meeting
release of Java SDK ,Windows SDK, Sansung App store called the A-Store and a small announcement of their new platform Bada.

Though Bada was in already big debate with why samsung would try to get a new platform into already crowded mobile OS space, Samsung kept it very low saying that this is an super set of their earlier famous proprietary platform SHP and targetting mid and higher mid range phones. "Current mobile OSs is not very open to operators and since we are closely working with operators we have open up the device for developers to exploit the network services and the device capability", said Amy VP, Samsung india

Amy said, the device based on BADA would be available by April, 2010.
He aslo added BADA would open up the access lower level to developer with exposing over 2000 more APIs. he also mentioned, this is the first time any one is giving in dept device access.

For a question from one of the veteran from mobile Apps space "with Bada, would samsungs be less focus on other platform like windows and symbian?" the samsung team give an very polite answer saying that samsung would keep its current focus on other plaform and continue its product lines.

Bada SDK would be available soon and development would be based on C++. Bada is a suer set of SHP and BADA apps would not be backward compatible with SHP phones.