Friday, April 24, 2009

s60 5th ed SDK installation

what seemed to be a basic task turned to be "nightmare"
I thought of upgrading from developing s60 3rd to s60 5th ed, for this i would just need to install the new s60 5th ed SDK v1.0 right?...errr.., not quit

The new SDK v1.0 just wouldnt install on my system.having been spending 2 yrs developing with s60 and consulting for mobile development for a while, these ERRORs d tested my nerves. instead of figuring out what the reason was, i searched on disccussion form for anyone facing this kinda issue. One particluar posted hinted 5th ed SDK would refuse to install on a FAT32 partiatio, intead digging in to this i just firmatted one of my partiion to NTFS and voila the SDK gets installed with oout any hiccups.
Now one hurdle has been crossed.But i need the dev environment on my laptop not on my desktop and i dont have free space on any partition and dont what the burden of formatting any drives, so next obvious solution was to ctr+c , ctr+v.
i just coppied the entire 2Gb of the installed SDK to my laptop EPOCROOT and a bit of tweeking in device.xml finally now i can build run the application on the new full touch "epoc"

Thanks nokia for SUCH A WONDERFUL WORK

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