Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back form a makeover

It’s been ages since i last posted on this blog. Reason quite simple 'work load kept me busy' i wonder how many of us use this as an excuse to ease away from our responsibility. Well, some times it really makes us feel that we haven’t wasted our time.

Parkinson's Law- “Work Expands so as to occupy the time allotted for its completion” how true!!!
This has been the case with me.
That’s about the excuse.. Let me start this blog again with some piece of interesting talk……

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krishna said...

The lasw u said is true to some extent but not infallible. If one minds his Time in right way I believe he can complete his work in time. There are gr8 examples of this in past and present. one such I remember now when writing this comment is Sir M Visvesvarayya, who was an extremely disciplened and time conscious person. These are my 2 cents.