Friday, October 26, 2007

Geeks: God of the modern times

Geeks in my opinion are the Gods of ElEctronik erra. They are set of people who expect even their shoe to have some sort of wireless connectivity

Few days back , my friend came to visit me, just then he had bought a new wallet, and i was having a look at it.My reaction was "cool!! what does it do?" He jumped out of his chair and laughed over my foolish question. he said "DUDE its a wallet!!! do you expect it to have a LCD display showing the current amount inside it?, or you want it to do a wireless money transfer? whats running in your mind??". In fact even i dint know what was running in my mind.

There are so much of technology outbreak happening, what ever we see around us , we tend to give it a techno dimension. But hey mankind has benefited a lot from these one of a kind human breed :)

They are the people responsible for LINUX, they are the people responsible for Mozilla, all in all they are the one responsible for all the best of the breed softwares which in some are the other way have been motivated/inspired by the Open source community which again is the gift of geeks to mankind

Geeks are the Messiah of the Techno God
"With out them this world would have been still in the dark ages"

I bow to all the geeks out there.

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