Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Screenplay, Freeway illustrated by symbain

Remember in my other post i had mentioned about the 2 new technology symbian introduced to us.

well, if words weren’t enough to explain such a beautiful concept , here are the video illustration of the same.

Points to be note:

  1. Note the home screen, do u recognize that icon on the top left of the screen J
  2. Notice the tap on the screen to receive the incoming call? Have you seen a similar big white DOT

In my opinion Nokia - symbian marriage is getting stronger and stronger as years go by.This Screenplay technology is the driving force for Nokia’s S60 Touch or other way also applies.

Nokia and symbian together are ready to take over the smartphone world. Will it happen we just have to wait and watch.

In the mean time they have a big challenge to over come :)

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