Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Short range communications protocol like bluetooth , IrDa have been incorporated in mobile phones and also in other devices which require some sort of short range communication.

IrDa has a huge successes in the form of remote controls for TV, Video Playes and other house hold electronics, where as Bluetooth has been the defacto standards for mobile short range communication because of its low power consumption. Although both Bluetooth and IrDa fall under short range wireless communication it did not enjoy the exposure as RFID did.

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Soon you will be able to do an inventory check with your mobile phone. Wondering how? Reading the RFID.

Yes, in future mobiles may come equipped with RFID reader hardware and software. Mobiles have been equipped with Barcode readers[IrDa based] from a very long time. But the sad part is, by the time our mobiles were able to understand this, barcode were almost considered to be obsolete [but still used]

RFID are sonsidered to be the future of identity tagging for all sorts of consumer and industrial goods.

Nokia has come one step closer to achieve there Concept shocased in there "Nokia Concept ph0one Video"

In this video notice the data exchanged between the e devices when they are brought very close together, that is the result of NFC as Nokia likes to call it. The soul behind NFC for mobile devices is JSR 257

The Java Contactless Communication API (JSR 257) enables mobile devices to communicate via short-range wireless means, such as RFID, infrared light, or even Bluetooth, and presents such devices via a simple, homogeneous interface to Java applications. This article explains the role of the Java Contactless Communication API in the emerging field of near-field communications, and provides an example of reading data from any contactless target, including an RFID tag.

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