Friday, November 23, 2007

N95 Application wishlist : Golgoli Game

From the day Nokia announced there N95 mobile, I have been madly following the reviews, User opinion and Nokia's post marketing support.

Every thing seems to be perfect except for the battery and RAM hiccups.

Lately, we are seeing loads of freeware application based on Accelerometer floating around.They look amazing viz. NokMote, Y-Inclinometer, Lightsaber

But what i am eagerly waiting is for an application (rather a game) similar to this.

This is already available on linux based device called Simputer [picopeta now Amidasimputer]

This makes use of the "flip-flop" sensor which on the other side is similar to the N95 Accelerometer sensor.

The game is pretty simple and straight forward.
You need to move all "Balls" called Golis into the centre circle.
And how do you move the balls? this is the most attractive part of this game, By tilting the device.

Being a developer myself, I would love to develop this app , but due to time constraint i would not be able to :(

P.S Simputer is the "Forgotten Soul of Indian PDA "

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