Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nokia Research: The unsung hero

In the case of many heroes, warriors and saints, we only praise and adore there capabilities and achievements. We don't really care about who inspired them, who shaped them to achieve what they are now. Same applies even to the field 0f technology and research. Usually we fail to recognize the men behind the most cutting edge technology coming out in the market, for example Nokia Research Center has been working around the clock to give us a better mobile experience.

Nokia Research Center (NRC) is a separate unit within Nokia, not attached to anyone of the specific product development business units.

Download the "Nokia Research Center Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow" podcast Presented by Bob Iannucci, SVP, Head of Nokia Research Center.

The Area of research include

  1. Access and Connectivity
  2. Data and Content Technologies
  3. Device Architecture
  4. Digital Services
  5. Human Interaction
  6. Physical Touch Digital Match

Some of the cutting edge applications/ services like Mobile Web Browser, Active monitor, sports tracker are the graduates of NRC

Some of the projects which excites me are MARA, Nokia Computer Vision Library(NCV) and Virtual Office.

What I would expect from MARA and NVC is some sort of a enhancements to the smartphones which helps the blinds to use a smartphone to navigate by getting an visual feed back of there environment. This may not be far from reality.

Though NCR is the incubator for most of the new application from nokia, I haven’t seen many of the blogs / community linking to this site.

Hats off to the people how drive the nextgen cart of NOKIA. They are the true unsung heroes of Nokia.

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