Monday, March 31, 2008

symbian - critics say . . . . .

Symbian, among programmers is known for its complexity, this is the reason why i love programming for this platform. Analysts do write about the design flaws, unnecessarily complicating simple things like string handling. In fact symbian has the best implementation of multitasking which is very efficient for a small memory devices compared to multi threading.

Though symbina is considered to be the most reliable OS among the available mobile OS, there are competitors like Linux which despite the strong optimism of the adopters, haven’t been able to get the lime light. As all good things have small pit falls, critics do try to get these things to the techno world and try to question them like, “Does symbian really deserve the lime light its getting?”
One such article is here

He talks about symbian being a "pain in the ***" for Nokia. If we take a broader perspective, it is true. As I had mentioned in my previous post Nokia would like to unhook from symbian and yet give the same kind of handset that is as stylish and as powerful as a symbian phone.

His point on, lack of support for developers is one thing I disagree .Symbian has the best developer support that exist for a mobile developer. But yet again the support comes from Nokia :) for its S60.

Is phone’s OSX, 5 years ahead of time? ….humm... i would say the User Interface is awesome, but the OS as such has to stand the test of time.

He makes a right point in his statement where in he point out that symbian hasn't got a real competitor and that’s the reason why symbian seems to be the best among those. It's rightly said. Symbian has a history of 10 years and if we go back and compare the current OS and the first symbian OS build, there aren’t any significant changes. The changes what we see is basically from the framework providers like Nokia [s60] and UIQ. The changes what we see is from the recent years ~2-3 like Screenplay and freeway which is a huge step forward.

Last question would be, Will OSx give a tough completion to Symbian?
It would be hard to answer at this point of time. OSx phone may be popular among user for its rich User Experience, but it will be hard to say weather it would match the speed and power of symbian.

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