Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sir Richard Branson, Welcome to india

One more global Player among Mobile operators lands in the "worlds fastest growing mobile segment".

Yes, ‘Virgin Mobile’ services are being offered to consumers by Tata Teleservices through a brand franchise with the Virgin Group. Virgin Mobile India is an association between Virgin Group and Tata Teleservices which will facilitate Tata Teleservices with its experience and expertise in designing, marketing and servicing TTL’s Virgin Mobile branded products for the youth segment.

Virgin Mobile India

Some of the publicity schemes include

Get paid to receive calls –
Virgin Mobile customers will get 10 paise credit for every in-coming minute they receive from any network.
Easy Handset upgrades:
Mobile is India’s first CDMA service where all customers will be on RUIM (SIM)-based phones, thereby giving them the convenience of upgrading their phones without having to change their number or re-enter their address book.
True Care:
All Virgin Mobile customers will be called back by the same call center agent to address their query
Call more for less –
After the 1st 2 mins of calls each day (which will be charged at Re1) all Virgin Mobile customers nation-wide will automatically be able to call any local network at any time of day for only 50 paise per minute

Will it be a hit or will loose charm in front of the biggies like Rcomm and Bharthi Airtel?, only time will answer

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