Friday, December 14, 2007

Nokia PC phone: New generation PC connectivity for Nokia Phones

Finally Nokia hears to the S60 users Plea and grants them with Nokia PC phone. This is a smart interface by which user can make calls, send SMS messages and manage contacts from PC browser!

The Nokia PC phone is a browser extension/plug-in and it works with Firefox 2.x. Internet Explorer 7.x will be supported soon

I have been struggling with Nokia PC suite to send SMS and to manage Contacts and i was never happy with there User interface. This is a smart move from Nokia of having the PC connectivity solution integrated with the browser.

Some of the features included in this app are:
  1. SMS alerts: Now you will get an alert on the PC when you receive any new message.You can read and reply to the SMS with few clicks

  1. You can Call , Add and Send SMS to the numbers directly form the web site

You can download the installable[~15mb size binary] from PCPhone website

I have not tested the app to its full extent.The app has huge potential and i hope in future this would come as part of Nokia PC suite and at the same time PC suite would get some sort of a facelift.

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