Monday, December 17, 2007

coming soon: MFSFA*

The bad part of innovation is " being first matters" , and at the same time innovation doesn't just mean creating new things, it also involve doing it better. A very good example for this is Google. Google did not invent search engine, yet Google become the leaders of web based search providers. Well the context of this post is entirely unrelated to Google, it has to deal with My first freeware symbian application :)

From past 10/12 weeks I have been working on a symbian application which would help in saving electricity by alerting users to disconnect the mobile charger once the battery is full. This, according to nokia would conserve a significant amount of energy. The app is ready for a beta test but for only S60 2nd Edition devices :)

As I mentioned in my first line "being firsts matters”, today saw a post on symbian-freak regarding PyBattery, a freeware python based application which servers the same purpose. The Coincidence is, my application is aslo called called “Battery” its symbian c++. From past 2 weeks I haven’t written a single line of code cos of my busy schedule, but I would be ramping up now to give out the first beta.

Screenshots coming soon…

*MFSFA My first Symbian Freeware Application

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