Wednesday, December 28, 2016

new keyboard

My corsair k70 RGB broke a little while ago and I was relying on my Macbook keypad for most of the typing. Coming from mechanical keyboards, it was a difficult choice to stick to laptop keyboard especially when sitting when you are on a desk. I decided to have a backup keyboard. My hunt started with few specific needs.
  1. Should be mechanical type
  2. Not heavy on the pockets
  3. Compact
Now That the Cherry's patent has expired for the mechanical switches, we can find tons of imitation keyboards on the market. I found few keyboards online which falls under this bracket. 

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard

Though I have few products from Aukey, I was a bit reluctant looking at the specs and the images. [ My impression is purely by the specs and published images ] 


First thing that caught my eye was the size. This is a compact size 87 keys. Look wise its alright. But to make decisions purely on the aesthetics is not wise. 

Qisan / MagicForce 68-Keys Mini Design 
This one looked interesting aesthetically. It uses Cherry MX - Red. My previous keyboard was Brown. This comes in different flavors. You could choose OUTEMU Or Kailh or Cheery Mx. I was a bit surprised to see these option from one manufacturer. I chose the cherry MX Red which at the time of purchase was £63 on Amazon. I Will leave the link for all the 3 variants below. They have one without backlight. But, who would want one without backlight! I have been using MagicForce for over a month now and I am pleasantly surprised how good It feels. And the build quality is amazingly good for the price I paid. I am so comfortable with this that my K70 is in the drawer, I could not find time to fix that. Qisan Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Red 
Qisan Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown 

Cheaper option without backlight Qisan OUTEMU switch

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