Sunday, August 26, 2007

IIS / MYSQL / PHP config

web servers and database are my new horse. am trying to tame both with all the help from the developer world wide and with lil help from my god, it's not that hard :)

from last night am trying sooo hard to configure my PHP to work with MySQL server. Every thing seems to be perfect but still php_info() was failing to display mysql information .

i fallowed all the instruction in PHP faq but no success. and today few minutes back found the solution it was all to do with the windows environment variables.

referring the php_info() out put [refer below image]

Configuration File (php.ini) Path C:\WINDOWS
Loaded Configuration File C:\PHP\php.ini

the configuration file path shown is c:\windows where as in the Loaded congi file it shows c:\php\php.ini
this is the root cause.

solution: the environment variable PHPRC has to set. change it from c:\... to the path where ever your php.ini is present.In my case it is C:\windows\

this may be a old problem nevertheless its a needed solution, took me 4 solid google hours to fix

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Shortbus said...

Wow, it should not have been that difficult. Like you, I spent who-knows-how-long trying to pin this one down. I wonder why the installer for PHP is not setting that?!?!