Thursday, May 11, 2006


People say, If you are technical then stop using windows and start Linux. I do agree on that but y do they hate windows? If windows where not to be there then PC would not have been such a buzz word. I strongly believe that Microsoft was responsible for the popularity of the home PC. The ease with which even a kid can use this machine is bcoz of MS windows. Linux has to come a long way to produce such a user friendly environment so that even a novice can try his hands on... many think windows has reached a dead end for those people just follow this link

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Anonymous said...

Well I never thought upon this prespective but then its not the popularity of Windows why we hate the "Evil Empire" - we hate the Evil part.

Besides in the third world, how many ppl actually buy a genuine copy of windows. Its still very unaffordable.

very difficult to see no evil in these circumstances.